मोदी अमित शाहांना पंतप्रधान बनवतील – केजरीवाल

Breaking News | Loksabha Election: लोकसभा निवडणूक भाजपने जिंकली तर नरेंद्र मोदी हे त्यांचे उत्तराधिकारी म्हणून अमित शाह यांना पंतप्रधान बनवतील. नवी दिल्ली: लोकसभा निवडणूक...
New strain of Corona JN.1 alerted 5 deaths in 24 hours
Bhajanlal Sharma Rajasthan New CM
Revant Reddy Congress leaders took oath as Chief Minister in Telangana
ISRO Chandrayaan 3 Land Successfully
Elections are around the corner and the price of petrol and diesel is reduced
conviction of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in the criminal defamation case
PM Modi Mother Heeraben Modi Dies In Ahmedabad 
16 army personnel killed us bus falls into gurge in sikkim
Boat of passengers leaving for Raksha Bandhan capsized
Accident bus full of passengers fell directly into the valley
19 MPs suspended for rioting in Rajya Sabha
NDA candidate Draupadi Murmu wins in presidential election 2022
Accident bus fell from a height of 100 feet into the river, killing 12 people
Sonia Gandhi's personal secretary rape Case
Accident Bolero jeep carrying bride crashes into well, killing seven
Indian Cricketer Father Arrested 
Accident Devotees' bus crashes into valley, killing 25
17-year-old girl who went to a party in a pub was gang-rape in a Mercedes car
Famous Punjabi singer Sidhu Musewala Firing shot dead
15 killed as wall of salt factory collapses
Indore Fire Case 
Cm Bhagwant Mann first cabinet meeting
Shrilanka Petrol Price Hike
Prime Minister Modi's address after the victory of four states, live from the BJP headquarters
Shane Warne Passes Away
Supreme Court rules on OBC reservation
Russia-Ukraine War Indian student killed in Kharkiv missile attack
Former Bihar CM Lalu Prasad Yadav gets five-year jail
Accident Eleven people died when 13 women fell into a well during the Haldi program
Rape by a young man who was called to a hotel and given a narcotic
Gang rape of a woman on Republic Day
Rajnath Singh Corona Positive
Assembly Election 2022
People in the country are affected by Omicron
wailing of the omicron corona in Britain
Corona News Update Omicron 101
Bipin Rawat dies in helicopter crash Accident
Gujarat Third patient of Omicron in India
Corona new Variant Omicron entered India
new variant of the Coronavirus raises concerns
Milka Singh Dies
Free Vaccination for all persons above 18 years 
CBSC 12th Exam Cancelled pm
Murder Case father himself inflicted the ax wound on the chimpanzee
Question to the center government Corona Vaccine